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Feb. 27, 2022

The Day I Saw The River Rise Ep 5. "The Rescue" LP Flood of 2016

The Day I Saw The River Rise Ep 5.

In 2016 an unpredictable storm caused unprecedented flooding in Livingston Parish Louisiana and surrounding areas like Baton Rouge. 

The City of Denham Springs alone had 90 percent of its residents flood.As a resident of Denham Springs I lived through has become known as a 1000 year event and after nearly 6 years I am ready to tell my personal story. 

a story of losing everything and finding myself. I hope you enjoy it! This is Episode 5. In this fifth episode my wife joins me in the studio to cover the events I did not witness due to me searching for help for 9-12 hours as discussed in episode 4. 

The flood waters that occurred in August of 2016 encompassed 90% of the city of Denham Springs, parts of neighboring Baton Rouge and even Central city, Louisiana.  

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